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Has the Bachelor’s choice been revealed?

The Bachelor 8 is just a few episodes old, but Travis’ selection may have already been revealed.

Earlier this month, Travis and the woman in question were actually seen together, which is surprising since previously, ABC has kept the bachelor and all of the women metaphorically chained up in their homes until the final episode. Travis and the woman were “working out at the YMCA” together, The Franklin Fun Times Guide reports. That person is (highlight to read) Sarah Stone, who is also from Nashville.

A reader reports exclusively to reality blurred about an encounter with one of the women from the show, the same woman named above, which confirms that she and Travis are together:

“I ran into her and some of her friends at a local restaurant, Loca Luna, this weekend and didn’t realize it was her at first. I asked her if I could buy her a drink and she responded, “I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.” I asked if he was here and she responded, “No he’s back in Nashville.” After speaking with some of her drunk friends they informed me that she ended up wining the show and that she is currently in a serious relationship with the bachelor.”

Additionally, E! Online’s Kristin talked to Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who, she writes, “Sorta makes it sound like, perhaps, the winning girl could be from the same hometown?” She also notes that during last “week’s episode, the point was driven home that sweet little kindergarten teacher Sarah S. is from Nashville, Tennessee, where our bachelor Travis just so happens to be doing his residency.

As Kristin writes, however, according to his bio, Travis grew up all over the place–Colorado, the Midwest, Virginia–so this could be a completely wrong guess. But all I’m sayin’ is, don’t be surprised if Sarah S. is the girl who gets that final rose.

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