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Bravo debuts Party Party and new Queer Eye tonight, and plans new reality series

Bravo, which should subtitle itself “The Reality Network,” kicks off a new reality series tonight and brings back a former reality star. And the network is also planning a number of new reality series for next year.

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo airs Party Party, an eight-episode series that follows the planning of outrageously lavish parties. Think MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 but for all occasions. Among other parties, Bravo tells us to expect “a five-year-old’s $10,000 princess party complete with a horse drawn Cinderella carriage, the inspirational wedding ceremony of childhood sweet-hearts reunited after years apart, as well as the most the most magnificent Bat Mitzvah this side of Jerusalem.” Two parties are thrown during each one-hour episode, and not all the families spend outrageous amounts of money; in the Bat Mitzvah episode, one party cost $200,000, while the other family has to beg for money to throw a smaller affair. The show is produced by the same company that created Bravo’s insane parent series that kicked off with Showbiz Moms and Dads.

Following the debut, a new season of Queer Eye debuts. This season follows the Fab Five as they help hapless straight couples plan their weddings, organizing things such as the rehearsal dinner or, as in tonight’s episode, the actual engagement itself. Carson Kressley tells TV Guide, “Yes, there has been some concern about, ‘Well, gay people aren’t allowed to get married in the United States yet,’ so we figured we might as well help the straights get it right until that day comes.”

Next season, expect a whole new slate of shows from Bravo. Among the series the network is planning, according to The Hollywood Reporter: The Ex Wives Club, which “follows six young, rich divorcees as they meet for support groups and attempt to use money to reclaim their happiness”; War of the Wives, in which [t]wo husbands, both experts in their creative field, compete to train their spouses in the skill that made them famous”; Fresh Start, where people literally role dice to determine their future; and Surprise!, in which a caterer “will plan, design and throw a surprise party focusing on a nontraditional rite of passage, like a divorce party or an empty-nest party.”

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