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Was Austin’s Wes attacked by a kangaroo during Challenge filming in Australia?

Yesterday, a new Challenge began on MTV. But yet another season has already been produced, filming last month in Australia. And a rumor is spreading online that, during production, Real World Austin star Wes was seriously injured by a kangaroo. The source of that information, however, tells reality blurred that the story is not true.

The details of the attack originated with a blogger named macattack, who wrote on his blog My Little Agenda that he “was pretending that I needed someone to speak at the Bedford, NY Safe Sex Summit 05” in order to “[string] a long the agent who represents the cast of the Real World: Austin.” During that correspondence, he was informed of Wes’ injury by Wes’ agent, who happens to be Average Joe star Marc Marcuse.

Marcuse wrote, in part, to macattack:

“At some point (the details are a little fuzzy) the kangaroos attacked one of the female crew members. Being the workout fraternity type of guy, Wes leaped the pen and tried to wrestle the animal to the ground. Although he was fairly successful, the kangaroo did lots of damage to him. He wound up with a major concussion, some broken bones, and was torn up very badly (I’m told that the MTV exec in charge of production saw his skull through his torn scalp) and was taken to a local hospital unconscious. The crew member originally attacked had only minor scratches, thanks to Wes. Johanna related this to me this morning, and she’s very shaken up. Wes isn’t in a coma or anything, but has been slipping in and out of consciousness inthe hospital. He’s in stable but serious condition. I know that they’re calling in a plastic surgeon, because a large amount of the damage was to his face and scalp.”

In a subsequent message, Marcuse told the blogger that producers Bunim-Murray were essentially faking the conclusion of the series as a result of the attack. Producers

“recalledthe participating Austin cast to Australia to shoot what they’re calling pick-up scenes. This is a really tricky balance, because on a reality show with a prize you’re not supposed to reshoot scenes that affect the outcome as in the US it’s considered a game show (this is due to the Quiz Show laws from the 50’s). However, they have a way around that because they’re shooting in another country. Basically, they’ve decided to reshoot the ending of the show and change a few details along the way. I can’t give away the whole thing due to NDA’s, because since the accident BMP have become very strict on their released info. Suffice it to say that the accident will not be addressed on the show, and cast members who were previously kickedoff will be staying on a little longer to change around appearances of the show’s outcome. Needless to say, the returning cast members are quite happy about this, as it means that they’ll appear to not have been eliminated and provide America with a happy ending now.”

However, Marcuse tells reality blurred that all of this was just a fictional story. He says,

“I was messing with the guy because he was trying to prank me. The genius bought it and posted every absurd thing I sent him. Its all 100% false. The guy didn’t even bother posting the email I sent him explaining that he got taken for a ride by messing with me. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack.”

EXCLUSIVE!!! (For Real This Time) Wes Eaten By Kangaroos and Totally “Gate” Worthy. Maybe “Spidergate?” [my little agenda]

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