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Which Real World star was advertising for men to have sex with her in a porno?

Last week, we learned of a Craigslist ad seeking 30 men to have sex with a female Real World alumnae. With little information about this cast member’s identity, the guessing has been rampant. The ad has since been deleted, but considering what media whores these people can be, it’s not exactly an unlikely scenario.

While I hate blind items, with all their moronic double-entendre and incomprehensible vagueness, I’m also not in the business of libeling someone, especially when I’ve received no verifiable information. Thus, I’m not naming names, but I have heard one name mentioned more than once.

Here’s the clue to those rumors: The former cast member in question is 22 years old. If you limit your search to, say, the last few seasons (because older seasons have older cast members), focus on the age, and think about who they are, you’ll find the person.

Although this vaguness is annoying, I realize, I’m mostly posting this to stop the big rumors: For the love of all things Trishelle, The Real World Chicago‘s Tonya is 25, and Real World Las Vegas‘ Trishelle is 26, so those of you who insist it’s one of them, stop it, you mathematically challenged twits. And anyway, Trishelle and Tonya only take off their clothes for Playboy.

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