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Fox Reality producing its own series Solitary; John Daly will be followed for The Daly Planet

The Fox Reality Channel is creating its first original reality series. Fox Reality’s David Lyle tells the Hollywood Reporter that the new network, which airs repeats of old reality series and reality news-related programming, is trying to break new ground. “We were looking for a show that kind of jumped out and maybe (goes) into territory that isn’t being covered in other reality shows,” he said.

Solitary, an eight-episode series, will debut next year between January and March. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show “subjects its contestants to all sorts of tough conditions, ranging from solitary confinement to sleep deprivation.”

That sounds somewhat familiar. If they get a robot to host, it’ll be just like Big Brother.

Meanwhile, golfer John Daly is getting his own series. The Daly Planet will air on The Golf Channel starting Jan. 18, and “will follow Daly’s daily life on and off the golf course,” according to the AP. If that sounds boring, the AP notes that although Daly is “[a] two-time major championship winner, Daly has also battled problems with alcohol, weight and his temper.” Once he “shot an 18 on one hole, hitting shot after shot into a water hazard.”

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