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Surreal Life 5 season ends but the insanity lives on via the new DVD

The fifth and perhaps most simultaneously confrontational and touching season of The Surreal Life ended yesterday, and it delivered what we’ve come to expect from this series. We had Omarosa calling Janice a “crack head,” Janice egging Omarosa on and then flipping out when she took the bait, Bronson crying, Jose showing us yet another side of himself that we never thought we’d see. Janice even climbed out a window and bravely quit the show–although just a few hours before the cast was leaving anyway.

The story of this season will forever be the battle between Janice Dickinson and Omarosa, two reality TV stars who imagine themselves to be a lot bigger than they ever will be. Cary Hart summarized the season perfectly. “It turned into a pissing contest between Janice and Omarosa because they both like being the center of attention,” he said.

That pissing contest, though, made the series very popular, and for the first time, VH1 has produced a DVD of the series. Right now, it’s only available at (for $29.99) and via Amazon ($17.99), and promises “over 80 minutes of new footage” that’s allegedly uncensored.

Surreal Life 5: The Last Straw [VH1]

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