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Trump’s blog allows comments, e.g. opportunities to kiss his ass

Over at Trump University, Donald Trump actually has a blog that he apparently posts to when he’s not giving $1.5 million speeches. While it’s doubtful he logs into Movable Type himself and checks his Sitemeter every 45 seconds, the posts are totally Trump.

Friday, Trump went off on the New York Times in his blog. He wrote, “Someone just wrote a book about me. It’s the biggest pile of garbage I’ve ever seen, written by a highly questionable and, some people say, disgraced reporter named Tim O’Brien.”

Can’t you just hear him saying that? The best part of the blog, however, is not the posts themselves. Instead, it’s the comments. Yes, the blog allows commenting.There, we find that many people are willing to follow the lead of the Apprentice candidates, George, and Carolyn, and kiss Donald Trump’s ass.

For example, from Friday’s post, someone writes,

Looks like a good target for acquisition! Perhaps another “property” for the Trump organization? 🙂

Ooh, a smiley–with a nose! After his post on Thursday, which focuses on The Apprentice 4 and the idea of loyalty, someone wrote a post that requires a shovel to get through:

Mr. Trump I could not have said it, or done it better. Loyalty is very important to me as is integrity and doing my best always. Wow! your message and depth of understanding what makes an organization # 1 shows in your champion ways. Kudos! –Lucy Socha

Finally, we find that some people are essentially auditioning for positions with Trump, using the comments as their own personal Apprentice. After a post about “getting along in the workplace”, we have this soon-to-be classic example of self-promotion, in which a commenter included all but his resume:

I’m a 22 yr. here in a very small (19,000 ppl) city here in Canada. I have worked from the ground up (I have no post-secondary education, and have lived on my own since 16 working whatever job necessary) to become a household name here, I recently bought (with just about every cent I had) my first business; guess what! it flopped, it’s one thing for something like this to happen, its another for it to happen when half of the city knows your name, and your a month away from making director on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce, and two years away from running in the next City Council election. Because of my age, and resillience [sic], I will get up, take a job, and get back on my feet and try again, I said all this to say: how much I admire you, your ability to make both; leaps and mistakes with over half of the world knowing your name. You truly are an inspiration!

The Trump Blog [Trump University]

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