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Weaver family didn’t help the Schroeders after Katrina

The Amazing Race 8 family The Schroeders had the misfortune of being eliminated from the race in their hometown, New Orleans. Then, Katrina came and destroyed their home and everything in it.

Before the hurricane hit, they tried to evacuate to The Rogers’ house in Shreveport, and Char tells TV Guide that the Rogers “wanted to send a car down, while the hurricane was brewing, and have someone physically pick us up and take us to Shreveport.” Instead, they tried to drive, and ended up getting in an accident that destroyed both cars. After the hurricane, Char says that “[f]or the first two weeks we lived with the Rogers, then we moved to the Baton Rouge area.”

All of the families on the race helped out with offers of shelter, money, and clothes. All families except one, that is: The Weavers didn’t offer any assistance. Mark tells TV Guide, “In all fairness, I don’t even know if they know our address or phone number. Who’s to say that had they known where we were, they wouldn’t have done something? I don’t want to make a general statement like that, that everybody helped but them.”

But Char confirms that “it’s safe to say it was the Weavers.”

Perhaps that makes sense, though, since in their interview, they call the Weavers “white trash,” and Mark says that, based upon their attire, “Everyone was shocked; we thought they were going to be the first team out.”

Stassi sums up their reaction to the Weavers. “And they were so rude. They spent the entire time being spiteful and mean. Then they would try to come back and be friends. I do feel for them about their dad, and they were very brave in doing what they did last [week], but there’s no reason for me to forget what they did to us and just let everything go,” she says.

Family’s Race Was Calm Before the Storm [TV Guide]

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