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Maggie wins Big Brother 6 and the feed watchers go back to whatever lives they have left

Maggie, the emergency room nurse from Las Vegas won Big Brother 6, narrowly beating Ivette by one vote. Thus, she wins $500,000, while Ivette takes home $50,000, which will undoubtedly make her family happy, after they’re done slapping her for not taking Janelle to the final two.

Before it made its decision, the jury seemed conflicted: Do we pick death by execution, or death by drowning? The seven houseguests faced off at the sequester house in Napa Valley, and Jennifer, still as delightfully bitchy as ever, April, and Beau faced off against Janelle, Howie, Rachel, and James. In the end, Ivette received votes from Beau, James, and Janelle, while the rest voted for Maggie, who basically admitted to playing the game by not playing the game, or “flying under the radar” as we reality people like to call it.

It was a low note on which to end a spectacular summer; heck, two years ago, for Big Brother 4, I posted 15 entries; this year, the grand total as of right now is 60 items. This was easily the most engaging reality show since the last show I was really engaged in; the power of hatred does wonders for engagement.

Despite being comparatively dull, the finale/reunion had a few great moments, such as when April apologized (again) for calling viewers “pieces of shit”. April said, “I really am sorry to all the fans and America for saying that.” In other words, “Oh please, oh please, don’t let this end my reality TV star career before it even begins.”

The most potentially explosive moment came when Eric (tangentially, if I ever hear the word “Cappy” again my entire life, it will be too soon) told Julie Chen that Kaysar was a hypocrite for being upset with Jennifer’s lying, conveniently forgetting that he’d already broken their deal. The crowd booed him, and instead of asking Kaysar for a response, America’s most incompetent reality show host quickly moved on to much more interesting things: letting James and Sarah hug.

So now the house is empty and we have another nine months to wait until Big Brother 7 (applications now being accepted). The only question that remains is this: Just exactly what are those Joker’s Updates folks going to do with all of their free time?

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