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Kaysar says Friendship “will be held accountable for their actions outside of the Big Brother house”

Kaysar has joined CBS’ Revenge of the Houseguests, um, “blog” (please), and he has some biting yet well-written criticism for the gang that calls themselves The Friendship.

First, he points out the irony of the group’s name, starting by offering a statement that may or may not be read as a quasi-threat:

“They will be held accountable for their actions outside of the Big Brother house. Someone needs to explain to them that it’s not okay to sell your soul for money. Every time they give a speech about the importance of friendship, loyalty, integrity, and honor my stomach begins to turn.”

But he reserves the harshest words for Maggie:

“Sure, you may consider your blank stares, and apathy a strategy but I assure you that it is not. You, Maggie, represent those in our society who sit around quietly and watch the good people of this world go down in flames. And when the dust begins to settle you feast on what’s left.”

Big Brother 4 winner Jun, no stranger to offensive remarks, also contributes to the conversation about the final two. Perhaps surprisingly, she did not write, “Racist bitches forever! Woo!”

Week 11: Maggie, April & Ivette [CBS]

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