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Big Brother editors have fun with the Friendship’s delusional hypocrisy

Perhaps as expected, Janelle won the latest America’s Choice contest, and was able to visit the set of Two and a Half Men as CBS shamelessly cross-promoted its sit-com. When Janelle won, the remaining houseguests–Friendship passengers April, Ivette, and Maggie–predictably flipped out. Again.

The highlight of the episode was its not-so-subtle digs at the Frienship, as we learned that the editors apparently hate the Friendship, too. Example one: April said, “I’ve never said that I hated anybody in this house.” The editors followed that with a montage of all of many times April said “I hate…” and followed it with a name.

Example two: When Ivette lamented America’s perception of the Friendship, she said, “If you’re going to believe TV, than that just makes you [censored expletive] a person.” The editors then gave us an instant flashback to Ivette’s girlfriend Maggie saying, “I do like Janelle.”

This sort of sly editing continued throughout the episode. Early on, the Friendship rejected Janelle’s offer to sleep in the HOH bedroom, and sat around talking about how wonderful they are for sticking together. “That’s why I think what we’ve done is groundbreaking, I really do,” Maggie said. The editors mocked her with swooning, melodramatic music as she talked about their “family,” and then stopped it with a record scratch as Janelle walked into the room.

The fallout over the latest America’s Choice consumed most of the hour. After Janelle left to visit the Two and a Half Men set and become CBS’ unwitting whore, April cried because she was so upset over Janelle’s win. “You feel like you’re such a piece of shit,” April said. It’s good to see that April is trying to identify with viewers.

The three women sat around and wondered why Janelle won. “I’m constantly doing unselfish acts,” Ivette said. “We have these hearts.” They quickly set about explaining what was in their hearts, although Maggie briefly tried to stop them. (April said, “How can America like a girl — are you taping this?” Maggie replied, “Yes, they are always taping, so be very careful with what you say.”) But the warning didn’t work, and the digs began.

“She’s a cocktail waitress” April said of Janelle, apparently forgetting that Ivette is a waitress. Then Maggie and Ivette chimed in simultaneously, as Maggie added, “…who only talks about sex.” Ivette said, “…from Miami who only talked about how the only way she’ll go out with a guy if he makes $250,000.” Later, April explained, “We have real jobs to go back to–credible jobs, that we make a hard, earnest living do. … Other people are waitresses.”

April proved herself to be the biggest hypocrite, though. After talking with Janelle about plastic surgery, April said, “I know I’ve had several things done, but it was because I had always wanted them done for cosmetic reasons, not because I was insecure or I felt like I had low self-esteem.”

See, this is why most of us hate the Friendship: They’ve constructed a fantasy world in which they are perfect and everyone else is flawed, and they insist upon perpetuating that illusion even as they provide a stream of evidence that causes their idealized perception of themselves to crumble. Screw them.

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