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Trump selected Apprentice 4 cast because he hated Apprentice 3 cast

Donald Trump says he was pissed off during the production of The Apprentice 3, and that lead to changes for the upcoming fourth season, whose cast has been announced.

Trump told the New York Times that, last season, “The entire series I was angry. Why? It had to do with the street smarts versus book smarts cast. Mark Burnett also says the third-season cast wasn’t strong. “The casting problem on 3 was completely my fault. Having book smarts versus street smarts seemed like a great idea but it changed the tenor of the show. I don’t think people wanted to see potty-mouthed competitors,” he said. So for the fourth season, “Trump flew to Los Angeles last spring to conduct personal auditions with the 200 or so finalists for the new season,” the Times reports.

And he found “a real Trump cast.” Among them, the Times reports, are “an ex-N.F.L. football player, a former professional softball player and a Rhodes scholar with five degrees.” There’s also “an ex-stripper who is tough as nails,” according to Trump, and also the former Miss Oregon, Jennifer Murphy, who Trump said is “one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.” The New York Post reports that the new cast also includes the series’ first openly gay competitor, among others. Additional cast members, according to the Post (which mistakenly thinks this is the third season, not the fourth):

“Brian Mandelbaum, 23, from Old Bethpage, Long Island, a financial whiz-kid; Josh Shaw, 30, one of the founders of GoSmile, a New York-based high-end teeth-whitening company; Clay Lee, 28, a real estate agent from College Station, Texas — and the show’s first openly gay contestant; and Chris Valletta, 27, a former NFL player who is now an advertising sales exec at KRLD News Radio in Dallas”

The Times also reveals some of the tasks and associated product placement for the new season: “George Lucas will ask for ideas for the release of the DVD of his latest ‘Star Wars’ film. Bill Gates will be involved, Mr. Trump said, with a new Microsoft product.”

Update: The full list of cast members has been released by NBC.

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