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Jen breaks her promise and nominates Kaysar; houseguests flip out on the feeds

Here’s a funny thing Head of Household Jen said during last night’s episode of Big Brother 6: “I’m completely honest in this game.” Being the pathological liar she is, she later told us that lying wasn’t against the rules, and said, “I broke my word. Duh.”

Somehow, lying has become synonymous with good game play, a strategy that annoyed even Maggie. After promising Kaysar she’d nominate two of her own players and then back-door James, Jen nominated two members of Kaysar’s alliance (Rachel and Janelle) and then, after Rachel vetoed her own nomination, Jen nominated Kaysar for eviction. That means on Thursday, Kaysar or Janelle will leave the house, just like two weeks ago.

The Friendship hamsters are pissed that we sent their competition back into the house and rejected their beloved Cappy. Of course, they also don’t know that we hate them. Maggie said this move is her alliance “saying this is our game, not America’s.” Kaysar astutely figured out what was going on before it happened, although all of this is his own damn fault for letting go of the button during the HOH competition, the dumbass.

All of this lying lead to some pretty intense drama. What happened in the 12 hours after the veto ceremony is difficult to summarize in a few paragraphs, but thanks to the live feed watchers and a summary written by Joker’s Updates’ Disneyisme, we have a pretty good idea.

After some initial conflict, the producers gave everyone alcohol, which really helped the situation. Howie and April fought; Beau and Janelle screamed horrible things at one another; Ivette behaved like normal.

At one point, maybe before or after she called Kaysar “the fake Muslim,” Ivette non-ironically said, “We’re not going to that level. So when they’re out of the house, Janelle would go back to sucking dicks, Howie would go back to his roommate and that’s it cause he has no friends, and Rachel will go back to shoveling horse shit.”

Among other things, Howie and April argued about lying in the game; Howie called April “an emotional shithead fucking player!” and tried to wear her down emotionally so she’d leave voluntarily; April said, “it’s almost worth it to slap him in the face or kick him in the nuts; worst case is I go home.” Maggie even got pissed at the producers, saying, “fuck them (BB) for saying they would protect us, we are being assaulted personally and emotionally, and they are not going to stop that.”

Read the whole recap for a better understanding, but here’s an excerpt of the type of interaction that occurred for the better part of Monday:

April comes in and says how drunk Janelle is and Janelle “No, I am not, thank you very much!” Then Janelle says “I lied to you when I told you that you are a buxom blonde.” She laughs. April says “At least I don’t have to suck c*** to get by in life!” Janelle says “Sure you do, you suck off your husband!!” Then April called Howie a pedophile for lying about his age to get 18-year-olds to sleep with him.

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