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e.mail message offers fame on Nigerian reality TV

The famous Nigerian e.mail scam seems to have been updated to target not the greedy, but fame whores desperate to be on a reality show.

An e.mail message I received promises that all I have to do to “be a fame internationally” is send eight pieces of information about myself. After that, an “independent donor will take care of all flight tickets and their accommodation through out your stay in Nigeria” as I take part in a 24/7 reality show. Is life this easy for aspiring Big Brother houseguests? I think not. Suckers.

Of course, the information I’m asked to send would be perfect to help with identity theft. Among other details, I’m asked to provide “your Names”–apparently they know about my aliases–and my “House Address.” Additionally, they want “The pass number”–my passport number?

While the web site mentioned in the message checks out, the rest sounds too ridiculous to believe, and the Yahoo and Hotmail e.mail addresses don’t engender much confidence. And, of course, it’s full of that wonderful, now-familiar prose.

Here’s the full contents of the message, with the e.mail addresses redacted to protect morons so desperate to be famous they’d respond to this shit.

DEAR lucky participant

i am dapo ojo the producer of house 4 nigerian reality tv show and inviting you specially to take part , bcos you fit in this fun expedition

‘House 4’ is a unique, real life relationship and talent hunt programme [TV & Internet] where six housemates, representing the various diversities in THE WORLD are camped in a convivial atmosphere. They try to exhibit their natural traits and outdo one another in the commune in an attempt to win the star prize(s). In the course of their stay in the commune, the housemates will all learn how to build healthy relationships that will foster unity amongst YOUTH in spite of our cultural and religious diversities.

‘House 4’ is all about intrigues, suspense, fun, mystery, adventure, emotion, celebration, self-confidence and expression with no religious, cultural or gender barriers.
i must say that you are a great fan of being a room mate which i want you to partake in it this 2005 ,Reality TV is YOUR favorite type of tv to watch! YOU love it! Mainly because theres nothing fake about it its just real ,so i am highly invited you to become a room mate in this 2005 house 4 event taking place in nigeria , this SEPTEMBER , you can visit our website for more details , and find out more .so there are many people from different national backgrounds and nationality , so there are great chances tom meet more people and make good friends .it will be great fun to represent your country and feel amoung the youth of the worlds and make friends no matter your stautuS whether single or married, mum or father

. Information. Great must be your interest to be in the most excited international TV Program such designed to make the world lovely and beautiful place to live.

Am Mr. dapo ojo by name, the chief producerof the international reality TV programmer in Nigeria just like bigbrother and right now we just finish one of the program title House4 Realities which was a nice time in Nigeria because they where people from other countries that came to represent their own country, In these case the winner of the program will be going back to his country with the sum of usd 1million while the second runner up goes Home with the sum ofusd 500,000 and third person goes home with the sum of usd 200,000,it was a wonderful experience in Nigeria where people from other country turn in more than what we expected, and there are so many consolation prizes

This program will bring together a diverse mix of interested delegates from different countries and with all gratitude; we specially welcome you to our country where the international TV show is taking place in Nigeria,

However, before you could be consider of participation in these most esteem event, the participate will have to forward the following requirement (1) your Names,(2) The pass number (3) email Address& telephone number (4) House Address, (5) country (6) Age & sex, with this information being put into consideration by you, you will be officially grant to participant.

Our independent donor will take care of all flight tickets and their accommodation through out your stay in Nigeria. The organizing committee will process the Nigeria VISA for all participants requiring entry visa to Nigeria. Participant will only fill the form and letter get back to the secretary.

As one of the producer, I knew not of anybody in your country. Hence my writing you is to gain assess to a responsible persons in your country. But if you are interested to participate and want to represent your country, you should contact the secretary to organize for you details or information on free registration procedures,

The secretary name is ndidi azubuike,HER EMAIL IS [redacted] Informs her that I recommended you.

You are to contact her as soon as possible, as all participant visa requested, will be

Forwarded to the Nigeria Bureau for immigrants affair for Authorization that same

Day. Hope to hear from you and see you soon. I hope to give you a walk in Nigerias top reality show to be a fame internationally.

Mr. dapo ojo
chief producer

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