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Apprentices work “to promote Trump,” who says prize is “a little bit too much.”

Apprentices work “to promote Trump,” who says prize is “a little bit too much.”
As the winner of The Apprentice 2, Kelly Perdew may earn a quarter of a million dollars whoring for the show, but he also has a crappy office. A Newsweek reported visited, and found that Kelly’s “desk is in a small, windowless space next to the assistant to Donald Trump’s wife, Melania (Perdew has no assistant). The walls are bare, except for a dry-erase board and a U.S. map, stuck with pins marking the distributors he’s signed to buy his boss’s new line of bottled water, Trump Ice.” Newsweek also finds, not surprisingly, that both Bill and Kelly’s “$250,000-a-year gigs are less about climbing the corporate ladder, and more about using their ‘Apprentice’ celebrity to promote Trump.” Trump admits that the show’s prize is essentially a sham: “It’s a little bit too much to ask someone to be the president of a $800 million building when they haven’t had that kind of experience,” he said.

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