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Uchenna says that producers didn’t interfere; Rob fuels conspiracy theories.

Uchenna says that producers didn’t interfere; Rob fuels conspiracy theories.
Amazing Race 7 winners Uchenna and Joyce have responded directly to the rumors and conspiracy theories about their win. Uchenna was asked by TV Guide if producers provided any help. “None whatsoever,” he said. He adds, “There was a moment where I looked at the ticket agent and I just glared at her. They didn’t show it, but I kind of yelled at her, too. And that’s when she called the pilot.”

Rob helped fuel the rumors by telling Regis and Kelly, “I’m not saying anything. America can judge.” He stoked the flames, though, by adding, “When was the last time you ever have seen them close the door of a plane and then turn around and open it after they pulled the Jetway away?” Joyce has a response, reminding the world of the time in Argentina when Rob and Amber were allowed to board a plane at the last minute, although a jetway wasn’t involved. “We don’t know why he did it. But karma comes back around. If you remember, there was a point on the race in Argentina where we were on a plane, the plane closed and then they let Rob and Amber on!” Joyce said. “You know, turnabout is fair play, and it’s just good karma coming back. We waited for this and it waited for us.”

Meanwhile, A CBS spokesperson tells the New York Post that

“Rob says everything with a grin. But such characterizations, even in jest, are completely without foundation. … Reality series are always breeding grounds for conspiracy theories. Only an understanding gate agent and the goodwill of the pilot returned the Jetway back to the plane. Uchenna and Joyce treated everyone with kindness and respect thoughout race, and that karma was returned at a crucial moment.”

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