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Amazing Race coming to DVD.

The first season of The Amazing Race is coming to DVD, according to the series’ co-creator. After the most overwritten paragraph ever, Reality Reel Media reveals that the show “will be officially released on DVD in the Fall of 2005. Elise Doganieri, Co-Creator and Supervising Producer of The Amazing Race, has confirmed this via telephone.” She says that the DVD will include more than just the episodes:

“What’s really nice is that they’ve inter-cut moments in the Race and then they interview the team that was there and you get the feeling of what was happening in that moment. There’s a very long special feature and a lot of little branches during the DVD–a section where you can click and hear what the contestants have to say. It’s really good. I worked with the team of people who actually put the DVD together along with our post production department, who went back and found a lot of great little highlights… never before seen footage. It’s great material that we just didn’t have time in every episode to put in the show. So there’s a lot of footage that actually I hadn’t seen before. So watching it was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I remember when they did that!’ So it was fun for me to watch. There are interviews with myself and Bertram on the DVD, Phil Keoghan, the host, and a good portion of the cast members.”

The DVD is presently listed on Amazon, but is not yet for sale, and the listing page indicates that “The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD.”

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