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Trading Spaces moves on without Paige.

Trading Spaces moves on without Paige.
The first Paige-less episode of Trading Spaces debuted Saturday evening with the Santa Fe: Navajo Drive episode, and the reaction is mixed, but leaning toward the positive. The change in format is a reaction the fact that the show has tanked in the ratings recently. To see what the new show looks like, watch TLC’s “webisodes” and discover that Paige has been replaced by punchy porno music and disorientingly rapid zooming. Both teams now have carpenters, and at the end of the episode, the homeowners wander around the house looking for the changed room until they find it. Viewers posting on the Trading Spaces message boards have offered their feedback in a thread about the new format. A selection of their comments:

  • “I was disappointed and found it really flat without her.”
  • “Loved it! I will start watching again, now that Paige is gone… The show will return to being about the design and NOT about the host… Paige thought it was HER show and it was never HER show. I still miss Alex…”>
  • “But to just get rid of the host?? Especially one who was so down-to-earth and spontaneous??? The show is missing Paige big-time. BRING BACK PAIGE!! NO EXPLANATIONS ARE EVEN NECESSARY, JUST BRING HER BACK!”
  • “I really liked the new format, it seemed liked everyone was actually enjoying themselves! i liked the focus being the design rather than paige harrassing everyone about deadlines, budget, design choices, etc.”
  • “I liked it.Especially with the 2 carpenters. They can do a better design. The homeowners actually get more tv/designer time now that Paige isn’t there.”
  • “The show felt disorganized and the “emotional” extras they added made it less fun and more of an attempted tear jerker.”
  • “The reveal just didn’t work…at least for me…without Paige. I for one will no longer be watching Trading Spaces until it’s changed back to the old format.”>
  • “I absolutely adored it and am so glad I gave it a chance! Positivity Rocks! I am never going to complain about anything ever again as I would hate to upset the other loyal fans of this Positive show!”
  • “It seems kind of without real direction and seems… old somehow…”
  • “I thought the show in which they brought in all the designers/carpenters was a bit too desperate…trying way too hard…and basically pretty lame.”
  • “Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! [Smile] [Smile] [Smile] […] Finally….it’s about the homeowners! They got some input THAT WAS USED!”

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