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casting: feuding neighbors, treasure- hunting friends, and people with problems.

casting: feuding neighbors, treasure- hunting friends, and people with problems.
Reality TV show producers are always looking for new cast members. Three recent highlights:

  • TBS is casting neighbors who hate each other to apply for a show called Loser Leaves Town; as the title suggests, the losing family will actually move. The best part: “Both families are guaranteed $100,000 minimum for participating!”
  • NBC is searching for contestants who will search the globe for its previously announced series Treasure Hunters.
  • FOX, always seeking to be the lowest possible denominator, sent along this release, searching for people with debilitating problems:

    Fox Television is now casting in the Los Angeles area for several new reality television shows. Do you have bad habits or an unhealthy lifestyle? Are you addicted to food, cigarettes, caffeine, diet pills or plastic surgery? Do you get enough exercise? Are you stressed out? Are you easily irritated? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you a perfectionist? Do you sweat the small stuff? Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated? Are you feeling isolated or lonely? Do you have trouble balancing your home life with your career? Do you feel pessimistic about the future? Are you ready for a change in lifestyle? If you answered YES to any of these questions, a team of experts may be able to help you on a new primetime reality show. To nominate yourself or someone you know, please email with your story and a photograph!

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