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Amazing Race 7 cast announced; future season will include racing families.

Amazing Race 7 cast announced; future season will include racing families.
In an article about the conclusion of the sixth season, USA TODAY reveals that the race will return for two more seasons next year, and also reveals some of the teams who will be on The Amazing Race 7. Perhaps most interestingly, though, the paper reports that “CBS today will announce plans for two more Races next season, including an eighth installment that pits families of four.” CBS is staying with the series because this past season was “Race’s most-watched yet, averaging 11.3 million viewers ahead of Tuesday’s finale.”

Among the teams for The Amazing Race 7 are, of course, Romber, or Survivor‘s Rob and Amber. Executive producer Bertram van Munster says he hated CBS’ casting of Big Brother twit Alison, but was okay with Romber because “[a]udiences know these people really well. And they wanted to be on the show in a big way, so we went along and did it.” The other teams include “Susan and Patrick Vaughn, the first mother/son team. She’s a starchy college law professor; he’s a gay writer in Hollywood who seeks her acceptance.” There’s also “Married couple Meredith and Gretchen Smith, retirees who, at 69 and 66, respectively, are Race’s all-time oldest team.” There are also racers who humanize events in the news: “a former POW in Iraq” and a couple that were laid off from Enron and Worldcom. Of the teams, host Phil says, “Having Rob and Amber in the series stirred up a new kind of emotion. … This time I was feeling tense watching it, because I could feel the competitiveness of these teams. I’d be threatened too.”
+ update: meet all 11 teams on CBS’ web site.

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