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Freddy and Kendra win Amazing Race 6.

Freddy and Kendra win Amazing Race 6.
Models Freddy and Kendra were the first team to cross the finish line, making them the winners of The Amazing Race 6. Freddy and Kendra won despite a number of setbacks that they unsuccessfully tried to lie their way through. For example, trying to get on an earlier flight, Kendra lied, “I have a sick child in Honolulu and I have to get to her!” The gate agent refused to budge, however (maybe because she had a camera crew with her). Later, Freddy tried to get a police officer to take them to the finish line, claiming it was an “emergency.” The race ended in Chicago, where it began, and that circular journey is similar to Kendra’s growth: despite being exposed to different cultures and people, Kendra remains the exact same ignorant twit who began the race. Still, the models have each other; Freddy said Kendra is “the most perfect human soul for me,” and she said they’re “a match made in heaven.”

Kris and Jon came in a close second, but they couldn’t get across train tracks before a train arrived, and thus landed in second place. Adam and Rebecca came in third after lagging behind for the whole final leg. While Rebecca expressed doubt, or at least ambivalence, about the future of their relationship, we probably won’t be seeing Adam on the cover of The Advocate any time soon, which is sad for him. Hayden and Aaron came in fourth, primarily because Hayden had a breakdown in China. While she and Aaron both said they wanted to quit at one point or another, Hayden eventually gave up during a challenge. Oddly, they still beat Adam and Rebecca to the pit stop, but earned a four-hour penalty and thus were eliminated. On the mat, Aaron proposed to Hayden, saying he’d hoped to do that at the finish line. “Screw everything else, because I have you, and that’s all that matters,” he said. It almost would have been touching, if they hadn’t been so annoying for the previous 59 minutes.

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