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Paige Davis fired as Trading Spaces host.

Paige Davis fired as Trading Spaces host.

Update (11.07): Paige has been re-hired to host a revamped Trading Spaces.

Paige Davis has been fired as the host of TLC’s Trading Spaces. In a statement, the network says that “TLC is taking Trading Spaces in a new creative direction, transitioning to a ‘host-less’ format this spring. As a result, Paige Davis will be leaving the cast of Trading Spaces. … Paige helped make Trading Spaces a great success for the network and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.”

While The New York Post idiotically suggests that “her recent weight gain or her terrible ’50s hairdo” might be to blame, a rumor reality blurred discovered was posted online suggests that the previously discredited sex tape rumor was the real culprit. If it’s correct, there actually are three sex tapes–even though the original source of the tape information recanted “just before the TV home improvement show host’s attorneys took him to court,” The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Previously, Paige survived the TV Guide cover scandal and the fundraiser stripping scandal, but this was apparently too much, according to the information, which apparently comes from a Banyan Productions insider’s friend. Here’s the rumor as related by a message board poster, who precedes it with a succession of unnecessary exclamation points:

I have a friend who works at Banyan Productions in Philly and they all got an e-mail from Paige Davis saying goodbye because she got fired due to the sex tape scandal. This won’t be public for a couple of days. You heard it here first. I swear someone is going to call bullsh*t on me but this next part is true: someone on the crew of a recent shoot they did in Key West heard Paige talking to her publicist right before the sex tape thing broke in late December and she said something along the lines of “I’ve made 3 tapes. 1 with my current husband, 1 with my ex-husband and 1 one with someone in a hotel room whom I can’t remember his name.” My friend said she’s been a wreck since this happened.

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