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Real World dirt: Trishelle and Leo, Ace and JT’s penis, and San Diego weed.

Real World dirt: Trishelle and Leo, Ace and JT’s penis, and San Diego weed.
Two former Real World cast members showed up at Stetson University, the school where I teach, on Tuesday evening. Ace Amerson from The Real World Paris and Cameran Eubanks from The Real World San Diego both talked to an audience of hundreds and answered questions. Before the event, I chatted with them, primarily about reports that cast members are making a career out of being cast members. Ace said that because there are “so many reality kids,” they’re competing for jobs; a club appearance used to bring $1200, whereas now it yields only $500. He said, though, that “you can have a normal life, it’s just incredibly easy not to.”

The juiciest stuff came during the audience Q&A:

  • Trishelle “had sex with Leonardo DiCaprio,” Cameran said, jumping to the climax of a story Ace was telling. The response of a person sitting near me said it all: “Who hasn’t Trishelle had sex with?”
  • Ace said when he had the opportunity, he peeked at Justin Timberlake’s penis. While at the VMAs, he was in the bathroom and suddenly found JT standing next to him at the urinals. “I had to look,” he said. What did he find? “I knew that his penis was way bigger than mine,” Ace said, adding that Cameron Diaz must be very happy.
  • A student asked Cameran, “How’s the weed in San Diego?” By way of response, Cameran said that to dodge the no-drug rule in Real World San Diego house, some cast members–not her–“would go jogging. They would ‘jog’ all the time.” She used dramatic quote fingers when she said “jog.”
  • She also said that in San Diego, the cast was besieged by hecklers, who would “yell at you,” throw eggs, and say things such as, “Go home, Real World–you suck.”
  • When asked who won the current Battle of the Sexes II Challenge, Cameran said (stop reading this item now if you don’t want to know), “Who do you think won? Guys are stronger than girls.”
  • While Ace said they “worked a lot” in Paris, Cameran said they worked only “six or seven hours a week” in San Diego. She also said the three people brought in to replace Frankie were “three douchebags”; with only three weeks left in the season, the cast selected Charlie because he told them, “I just want to be on TV.”
  • Ace said he and Cameran “totally dated for like a week,” and Cameran denied it.
  • When asked about regrets, Cameran said, “I regret admitting to my mother that I had a vibrator on national television. I’m an advocate of vibrators–every girl should have one. They’re amazing.”

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