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after June bar fight, Jonny Fairplay “hasn’t been used” by TNA Wrestling.

after June bar fight, Jonny Fairplay “hasn’t been used” by TNA Wrestling.
Whatever happened to that twit Jon Dalton, aka “Jonny Fairplay,” from Survivor Pearl Islands? The TNA Wrestling, um, star has been sidelined somewhat since he got into a bar fight in Orlando, where he’s based. (Hey, there’s yet another reason why we got decimated by three hurricanes this year.) According to Pro Wrestling Insider, after a June bar fight, “Fairplay had been used sparingly by the promotion following the incident, with his reality challenge being abruptly dropped after a few promos aired to start the angle. Fairplay appeared out of nowhere on the Best Damned Sports Show specials that aired on Fox Sports during a segment with Roddy Piper and Best Damned host Chris Rose. Fairplay hasn’t been used since.”

The TNA Wrestling employee he fought with quit in September and appears in court over charges related to the fight later this week. When he quit, he said in a statement, “This guy can’t talk, can’t work, can’t act and can’t go 10 minutes without making one of the boys furious. Now that I am not with TNA I will be a LOT more vocal about Johnny Fairplay and would love to settle things with him if given a chance. I would happily get in the ring and beat this clown senseless and would do it for free but getting paid to do so would be like a gift from the wrestling gods.”

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