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reality show producer and writer says Queer Eye script is “a shooting plan.”

reality show producer and writer says Queer Eye script is “a shooting plan.”
More on the Queer Eye script scandal. Just to recap, so far we’ve heard that the document might be evidence that the show is fake, or it could have been written for post-production. An anonymous producer writes to reality blurred that it’s a combination of the two, a detailed analysis written before filming but not used to control the outcome. He or she writes:

I’ve been a reality show writer/producer for eight years, and I can tell you that Queer Eye script is from pre-production, although that doesn’t mean it’s a big smoking gun, as the MPAA-sycophants at LAT would like everyone to believe.

Creating a shooting plan (which is what the Queer Eye doc clearly is) is not the same as scripting. In fact, shooting plans always get thrown by the wayside when you get out in the field and real things start happening. The point of the exercise is not to pre-script, but to think through the story, so that you have something to fall back on and you’re not flailing around when the unforeseen happens.

Especially considering the weird tense changes in the document’s writing, that certainly seems plausible. Now, since we seem to have covered all bases, that’s probably the final word–until, like, someone actually talks to someone who’s involved.

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