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Swan 2 debuts tonight; FOX has already renewed the show for a third season.

Swan 2 debuts tonight; FOX has already renewed the show for a third season.
A bunch of ugly people get new faces and bodies as FOX debuts The Swan 2 tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The two-hour finale will begin with a reunion of last year’s cast, and then sixteen women begin their three-month transformations. The series’ creator, Nely Galan, addresses the controversial nature of the show by telling Gannett, “Someone told me, if you’re doing exceptional work, you’re going to polarize people.” Possibly because of the criticism about the shallowness and exploitative nature of the first season, promos show that the new season features “a deaf woman gets the chance to heal,” a burn victim, and a woman who discovers she has cancer. But nothing has really changed, judging by the reviews: Phil Rosenthal calls it “repulsive” “makeover porn” that brings up “that little bit of vomit in the back of our throats.” Those who are desperate for a chance to be rearranged have no reason to fret: FOX has renewed the series already, and casting for The Swan 3 is getting underway tomorrow. According to a press release, auditions are being held in eight cities “for female contestants, ages 21-45, with a history or connection to each other, such as twins, sisters, mothers and daughters, couples, best friends, mothers and stepmothers or even rivals who want to undergo emotional, mental and physical transformations together.” Auditions start Tuesday in Hawaii.
+ also: last year’s swan: “You can’t be resistant to change.”

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