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Osbournes return with Battle for Ozzfest; Tommy Lee enrolls at U. of Nebraska.

Osbournes return with Battle for Ozzfest; Tommy Lee enrolls at U. of Nebraska.
The fourth (or third, depending upon how you count) and allegedly final season of The Osbournes taped over the summer, but after it airs, the family won’t be leaving MTV. You didn’t really think they’d go away, did you, silly? Ozzy and Sharon will host a new series on MTV that’s basically an Ozzfest-branded version of Bands on the Run, which aired on VH1 in 2001. On Battle for Ozzfest, “eight neophyte metal acts chosen by over 65,000 online voters will ride on the same tour bus and compete against one another in a series of challenges each week. … The last group raging will not only score a place on the Ozzfest bill, but will also take home equipment and potentially a career in the form of a recording contract,” E! Online reports. The show debuts Oct. 25. at 10:30 p.m. ET.
+ plus: Speaking of aging rock stars, Tommy Lee enrolled at the University of Nebraska yesterday; he’s taping a new series for NBC.

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