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Trump fires Elizabeth on the spot; why is Trump’s boardroom audio dubbed?

Trump fires Elizabeth on the spot; why is Trump’s boardroom audio dubbed?
Here’s some shameless link-whoring, I mean, an incredibly insightful essay: Why is Donald Trump’s voice rerecorded for so many lines in The Apprentice‘s boardroom? Redubbing of certain lines was obvious when Trump fired Elizabeth last night, which he did without even consulting with Carolyn or George, and without even sending the cast out of the room first. As I write, “It seems apparent that some of the audio is being dubbed, replaced by voiceovers Trump records later.” It’s not clear why the “number one show on television,” as Trump likes to call his series, so obviously replaces lines with voice-overs. “Are these redubbed lines scripted? Rerecorded to be smoother than the original version? If not, why is the production so bad that Trump’s audio cuts out so frequently, both in the boardroom and elsewhere?” Those are the questions I ask, but frustratingly don’t really answer, in this MSNBC piece.

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