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after a flat tire, Colin and Christie arrived 10 minutes after Chip and Kim, won $50K.

after a flat tire, Colin and Christie arrived 10 minutes after Chip and Kim, won $50K.
The Amazing Race 5‘s concluding episode, even at two hours, didn’t have room for everything that occurred, and that included a flat tire that Colin and Christie suffered on the way to the finish line. “We came in only about 10 minutes behind Chip and Kim, even with the delayed flights, and what they didn’t show was that we had a flat tire on the side of the road,” Christie tells the Huntsville Item. While Christie’s mother defends Colin’s relentlessly assclownish behavior by blaming the editors, those dirty rats, and her daughter: “There was this scene in Africa where they have to go to a jail, and he goes off on her. Well, they edit out her going off on him really bad. It also edits out him apologizing to her later, but it does show her saying ‘I’m sorry.'” Christie says she understands: “The truth is, with reality TV, they want drama, and they want a good story.” In addition to the four trips Colin and Christie won along the way, one of which they’ll give to fellow racers Dennis and Erika, they received $50,000 for coming in second.
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