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Drew thought Cowboy would win; Cowboy thought he would win.

Drew thought Cowboy would win; Cowboy thought Cowboy would win.
Both Big Brother 5 finalists thought that Cowboy had the game wrapped up. Drew tells TV Guide, “I thought for sure that Cowboy had it. … When there were two votes for Cowboy, I was thinking, ‘It’s going to be a 7-0 vote and I’m not going to get a single vote.'” Cowboy, too, thought he would win, and was surprised that he didn’t get Will’s vote. He tells TV Guide, “I really, honestly thought that Will would vote for me.” He also says he expected the jury to swing his way because he needed the money, although he understands their rationale, even if he doesn’t know what the word rationale means: “Past juries voted for someone who really needs the money more, and that is not what the jury went for this time. I respect that.” Finally, Cowboy is upset that two of the four horsemen won’t talk to each other: “We said “Four Horsemen for life,” more or less, when [we made that alliance]. It is just kind of upsetting to hear that they are not on speaking terms.”

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