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Paris and Nicole are still friends, maybe; Simple Life 2 states selected for weather.

Paris and Nicole are still friends, maybe; Simple Life 2 states selected for weather.
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie say rumors that they hate each other following their The Simple Life 2 road trip are just rumors–“just people trying to make things up,” Paris says. However, possibly joking and possibly not, Paris wasn’t thrilled to do an interview with Nicole: “I want to do the interview by myself. My publicist didn’t tell you? I want to do it separately,” she told TV Guide. Meanwhile, Executive producer Jonathan Murray says the show’s locations–in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas–were selected “for the weather. We knew it was going to give Paris and Nicole the opportunity to dress the way they usually like to dress, which is usually with very little clothes.” He means, “like whores.”
Among the changes this season, he tells The Post-Standard that they “had an extra camera–always one on the persons Paris and Nicole were dealing with and one on them.” Murray also responded to a question about whether or not Paris and Nicole are faking it/acting: “The times when they might try to be funny, those are things that may or may not work,” he said. “We find the best stuff just happens because they’re Paris and Nicole.”
+ also: watch Paris and Nicole attempt to learn how to drive (“Who do you have to bone around here to get a driver’s license?”): simple2_clip_1_hi.asx, simple2_clip_2_hi.asx, simple2_clip_3_hi.asx, simple2_clip_4_hi.asx, simple2_clip_5_hi.asx, simple2_clip_6_hi.asx, simple2_clip_7_hi.asx,

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