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Last Comic includes judges’ reactions.

Last Comic includes judges’ reactions.
Last night’s episode of Last Comic Standing 2, which announced the final five comics who will enter the house, also included footage of the controversy, albeit edited and condensed. After the final five finalists were announced, Judge Brett Butler left the judging table, and then told the rejected contestants backstage, “I’m really upset. Their votes were thrown out and I’m really upset and I wouldn’t have participated–I have more respect for comedy, and you guys were great.” Drew Carey said, “Me, Anthony Clark and Brett Butler did not vote for people that got on the show–three out of four of us. I call bullshit, that’s what I call. I don’t know why they brought us out here–just to use our faces if they weren’t going to count our votes.” Executive producer Peter Engel, the man who also brought us Saved by the Bell, told Drew and Brett, “There are other people voting,” and explained that would be explained to the audience on the screen. Then, in a separately taped interview, Engel helpfully summarized the controversy for us: “What they didn’t realize were that the selections were made in conjunction with the network and the producers. The celebrity talent scouts’ job was to judge the comics only on their performances in Las Vegas that night, as opposed to the production group who had seen some of these comics three, four times and had a much broader sense of who they were. It’s a shame that this misunderstanding took place….” The full disclaimer, if you’re interested or were unable to read its 92 words in the 15 seconds they were on screen, is as follows:
Portions not affecting the outcome of the competition have been edited.

Contestants are informed of the rules prior to the show and must meet eligibility requirements to receive announced prizes.

Prior to the start of the contestant selection process, some talent scouts had various levels of familiarity with some auditioning applicants.

Contestant order of appearance may have been changed for creative purposes. Judging was conducted at time of taping.

Applicants were chosen to advance to the next round of auditions by the celebrity talent scouts in conjunction with the producers and NBC.

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