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second Restaurant season debuts with low ratings; did Rocco have a facelift?

second Restaurant season debuts with low ratings; did Rocco have a facelift?
Four The Restaurant-related questions for today: First, did anyone watch the second season debut of Rocco’s show on Monday? Answer: No. Well, only 6.7 million people watched, compared to CSI: Miami’s 20.8 million viewers. Two, is Rocco still with his model girlfriend? Maybe. Page Six said he was joined by Yvonne Scio at a gathering Monday, although later he was spotted mocking Page Six by flirting with Mario Cantone: “If we tongue-kiss, will you report that he’s my new boyfriend?” Three, did Rocco ever scream at a manager, “If you set foot in my restaurant again, you are a fucking dead man … I am going to fucking kill you”? Yes. New York magazine’s profile of both Rocco and Jeffrey Chodorow gets some juicy dirt–such as that line–from each of them and outlines their conflict, in addition to looking a bit behind the scenes. And three, the most fun question of all: Did Rocco have plastic surgery? Answer: You decide. Awful Plastic Surgery has the before and after photos, and Rocco is looking a bit tighter and brighter these days.

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