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Alicia hates Rob more than Kimmi.

Alicia hates Rob more than Kimmi.
Her fight with Kimmi in the Outback (watch the video), in which she waved her finger in Kimmi’s face, made her famous, so it’s hard to imagine Alicia Calaway more pissed off at anyone than Kimmi. But after being booted off Survivor All-Stars, she now says there’s someone she hates more than Kimmi. First, although she made an alliance with Boston Rob that didn’t really help her, she tells TV Guide that she didn’t make an alliance with Rob, but rather just agreed to an alliance he proposed. Yeah. Of Rob, she says, “I have to say that he’s not my favorite person. I think I like him even less than I do Kimmi and that’s saying a lot.” Why? Well, it’s because Kimmi is “just not smart. How mad can you be at somebody for that? She’s not responsible for her actions. Boston Rob premeditates everything that he does, so you can really not like him.” She promises that the final Tribal Council “It is not [going to be] pretty,” possibly hinting at who might end up sitting on those last two stumps.

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