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producers “encourage the drama” in “artificial and manipulated” Eden.

producers “encourage the drama” in “artificial and manipulated” Eden.
The second part of the Forever Eden premiere airs tonight, and Mary will “take her revenge” and banish one of the other cast members. Executive producer Tom Gutteridge is candid about producers’ involvement in the drama. He calls the cast members “characters” and tells the Houston Chronicle that they “are placed within a structure that is artificial and manipulated by the producers of the show. The writers of the show have a daily script meeting where we review what’s happened and what we should do to encourage the drama for the next 24 hours or so.” There’s no elaboration on what that means. He also says that with Paradise Hotel, “viewers got really hooked on the characters, more than they got hooked on the (show’s) structure, which is very unusual in a reality show, because you normally need a very heavy structure to drive the story forward. So we thought we could do a genuine reality soap, which doesn’t have this heavy competition structure driving it and instead has at its heart the same drama that drives scripted series.”
+ also: “Forever Eden was conceived and made for the US by Brits–proof that reality rather than drama or comedy is fast becoming UK TV’s greatest export.”

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