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Average Joe 2 Hawaii: debuts tonight.

Average Joe 2 Hawaii: debuts tonight.
Kicking off a week of premieres of new (and second-act) reality TV shows, NBC tries again with Average Joe 2: Hawaii, which was taped before the first season aired. The tag line on the show’s web site sums it up: “New girl. New guys. New surprises!” Former Miss Missouri (and artist, and wannabe web designer) Larissa Meek will meet a flock of average/ugly guys, and later be surprised by a gaggle of hot/vapid guys. Lest you think the producers have found hot guys with personalities, they assure us that the hot guys are simply hot: “The show is about choosing between guys from two worlds, and we want it to be a clear-cut choice. … [T]hey’re great guys in their own right, they have interests, they have jobs, but you can always add ‘/model’ to the end of whatever their current career choice is,” exec producer Andrew Glassman tell A letter him and co-exec producer Stuart Krasnow posted on the show’s site pleads with viewers to not abandon this version, a la Joe Millionaire 2: “So the guys you are about to meet DID NOT have the benefit of watching the first season before they joined us in Hawaii. … Again, thank you for all of your enthusiasm for the first series! Get ready for an incredible adventure in Hawaii!” With all those exclamation points, it’s a surprise they’re not calling the show Average! Joe! 2! Hawaii!!

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