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Sandra wins Survivor Pearl Islands, beating Lill with a jury vote of 6 to 1.

Sandra wins Survivor Pearl Islands, beating Lill with a jury vote of 6 to 1.
Sandra Diaz-Twine won Survivor Pearl Islands, earning six of the jury’s seven votes and thus easily defeating Lillian Morris. No one ever voted against Sandra, a 29-year-old office assistant and mother, and that streak continued as Lill chose to take Sandra to the final two instead of Jon “Insert lame-ass alter ego name here” Dalton. But Lill faced a barrage of questions about her integrity and her Scout uniform from a fashion-conscious jury (flack she is also getting from others), and answered most of them in a way consistent with maggots having eaten what little coherence she had left. During the reunion, Jeff asked what the jury vote would have been if Lill had picked Jon; four of the jury members said they would have voted for Lill. Still, on The Early Show, Lill said she wouldn’t have changed her decision, because Jon is such a jerk. Sandra wins $1 million, a GMC® ENVOY® XUV™ SUV, and the right to kick Jon in the mouth. Oh, wait, that was just in my dreams.
+ also: bid on Pearl Islands items, including sweaty buffs and final votes; proceeds go to charity.

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