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Joe Schmo’s preempted tonight.

Joe Schmo’s preempted tonight.
Although last week’s episode of The Joe Schmo Show concluded right before the winner of the fictitious “Lap of Luxury” show was revealed, tonight’s episode of Joe Schmo doesn’t appear to be the season finale. Instead, a two-hour episode will air next week. That may or may not be when we find out exactly what happens when Matt discovers that the whole thing was a charade. “Or maybe,” as the Winnipeg Sun’s Pat St. Germain says, “we learn that Matt was in on the joke all along. So much the better.” (Considering production company Stone-Stanley’s use of music from the soundtrack of their show The Mole, that could be likely, or else they’re just cheap.) This Sunday, Spike TV will air a marathon of the entire series to date starting at 2 p.m. ET.
+ update: the show has been preempted for the GQ awards; contrary to Spike TV’s schedule earlier today, only one two-hour episode apparently remains.

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