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Keith and Charla win $250,000 each on Paradise Hotel, share money with Dave and Tara.

Keith and Charla win $250,000 each; Keith shares money, Charla doesn’t.
After Keith kicked Scott and Holly out of Paradise Hotel, every other cast member returned to vote for the winning couple. But they couldn’t choose between Keith and Tara, and Dave and Charla, as the final twist involved flipping the couples. Charla and Keith won and were awarded the “ultimate prize”: $500,000 between them, so $250,000 for each–half of Big Brother‘s prize and a quarter of Survivor‘s. The two winners were faced with a final choice: Whether or not to give half of their $250,000 to their original partners. Toni and her eyes became Charla’s new BFF and told her to not give the cash to Dave, while Alex told Keith not to share his winnings with Tara. Keith chose to share his winnings with Tara; Charla decided not to give $125,000 to Dave. Keith and Tara decided to take the whole cast to Vegas, which is, of course, the perfect place for a group of whores to hang out together.
+ also: an interview with Dave, and a discussion about the “Us vs. Them junior high school mentality, where a clique of hairless thugs and outright morons screeches and wails and plots ineffectually against a group of relatively normal people.”

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