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Posts from: September 2000

Big Brother withdrawal?

Big Brother withdrawal? Even though the Web feeds have stopped and the house guests have left the house, you can still relive the crap that was Big Brother. Check out some behind the scenes photos from a crew member, read a Susan-inspired speech to Eddie, or review how Big Brother became truly interactive at the …

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UPN plans Road Rage.

UPN plans Road Rage. UPN is buying six hours of Road Rage, a combination of pro wrestling and a demolition derby. Also on their reality TV slate are two specials: Temptation Manor, where three couples swap partners and test their love for each other at a resort, and Getaway, “which will take four cops and …

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Eddie wins Big Brother.

Eddie wins Big Brother. It’s all over, with Eddie winning the Big Brother grand prize of half a million dollars. He received 59 percent of the vote. Josh came in second with 27 percent, and Curtis was third with 14 percent of the votes. All the banished house guests, including Mega and Jordan, came back …

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Big Brother finale is tonight.

Big Brother finale is tonight. At 8 p.m. EST, the mess known as Big Brother will end, as the three remaining contestants–Curtis, Eddie, and Josh–find out who wins first ($500,000), second ($100,000) and third ($50,000) places. Final day information and lingering info: “Who screwed up Big Brother? Everyone.” also on An interview with …

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more reality TV from ABC, FOX.

more reality TV from ABC, FOX. FOX, learning absolutely nothing from its Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire fiasco–will air I Want a Divorce, featuring divorcing couples spilling their dirt on national TV. ABC isn’t being much smarter with its latest reality TV move, buying a show from WWTMAM’s producers that lets the public make …

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