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Randal's Choice
Randal Pinkett is, without question, the most qualified candidate to be ever named Donald Trump's "Apprentice." Why, then, has the finale of "The Apprentice," when Randal was hired, resulted in vibrant discussion, angry conflict, and vehement debate?
by Andy Dehnart

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Judges of characters
What gave a live studio audience the right to drive Jerry Manthey to tears during the May 2004 Survivor: All-Stars' live reunion special? How can we indulge in guilt-free laugher at William Hung's earnest Ricky Martin impressions? And why has the name "Omarosa" become synonymous with "bitch"? Because, quite simply, Jerri, William, Omarosa and their reality TV ilk aren't people, they're characters.
by Amanda Ann Klein

TV is a turn-on
I  love TV. I also love grass-roots efforts that aim to change our world. I do not like TV Turnoff Week. Here's why.
by Andy Dehnart

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