Top Chef 11

  • Someone please explain how Top Chef’s winner won

  • Top Chef’s soul problem, and how Roy Choi can help the show find it

  • Yes, we know Padma Lakshmi gains weight on Top Chef: enough already

  • Behind the scenes of Top Chef; highest paid reality stars; Idols on cruises; Shark Tank reruns

  • Padma will choose a Top Chef contestant

  • Padma slams Top Chef product integration (“shit”), Phil Keoghan regrets family Amazing Race; Gordon Ramsay wants aftercare

  • Top Chef’s oil spill money prompts b.s. from Bravo, Anthony Bourdain vs. Andy Cohen vs. David Simon

  • New Orleans, Louisiana paid $375,000 for Top Chef; some money came from oil spill fund

  • Top Chef 11 may be filmed in New Orleans