The Biggest Loser 5

  • Paul missed Biggest Loser finale because he’s hospitalized; has had surgeries, a colostomy

  • The Biggest Loser has its first female winner as Ali wins the couples season

  • Trainers aren’t paid for Biggest Loser product placement; Jillian rejected Nabisco

  • Biggest Loser ratings increase as Mark and Roger’s fate is left to viewer’s votes

  • Jillian says Biggest Loser’s audience vote twist is “disappointing,” not fair; Bob calls it “tricky”

  • Tim Gunn shows up as The Biggest Loser shamelessly pimps itself out to even more advertisers

  • Biggest Loser Couples debuts; competition component was originally minimized

  • Kim Lyons won’t be on Biggest Loser 5, but may return

  • Biggest Loser renewed for a fifth season, which will include pairs of people