Randy Jackson suggests he might judge X Factor, but also didn’t know Simon was leaving

Randy Jackson will be the only remaining original American Idol judge next year, or he may just join Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul and judge The X Factor.

Asked about this possibility during an interview with the L.A. Times, Randy said only, “You know, there’s a song by the Fray that I really love. It’s called ‘Never Say Never.’”

Then again, Randy is so disconnected from Simon Cowell that he had no idea Simon was leaving until he heard the news break from the Television Critics’ Association press conference. “I didn’t know [ahead of time]. I got an announcement from the Television Critics Assn. So I called him and was, like, ‘Dude, you gotta tell your boy, come on!’ He said it was so crazy that day,” Randy said.

Of Simon’s impending departure, Randy said, “I’m really sad about it. This is a journey that me, Ryan, Paula and Simon started together and it’s changing a bit.”


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