Trading Spouses star Ashley Perrin dies; is the daughter of “God warrior” Marguerite

Ashley Perrin, the daughter of infamous Trading Spouses cast member Marguerite Perrin, died Tuesday in a car crash. She was 25.

Ashley “was alone in a mini van when it hit the guard rail while traveling north on the service road” off I-55, Louisiana’s Hammond Star reported. “The roadway showed no skid marks, [Police Lt. Raymond] Mauterer said, and the cause of the accident is unknown at this time. She was ejected from the vehicle and was dead at the scene, Mauterer said. Drugs or alcohol are not suspected, he said.” The newspaper confirmed that she’s Marguerite’s daughter.

Ashley was featured in the episode that made her mother famous, and was present during the “God warrior” scene. Marguerite returned to the house and began to have a meltdown, arguing with her family about the godlessness of the other family; during that scene, Ashley said, “So it’s my fault.” Marguerite replied, “You did come to my mind.” Ashley was the recipient of $15,000 of the show’s $50,000 stipend: $5,000 was allotted for dance lessons and $10,000 to move out on her own.