“designers cut” Trading Spaces episodes, marathon, air Monday.

“designers cut” Trading Spaces episodes, marathon, air today.
Starting at noon on Memorial Day, today, Trading Spaces will air a 14 hour marathon, with some episodes repeating during that time. The six prime-time episodes will include the designers’ “commentary on their experiences while shooting these episodes.” Doug, Kia, and Hildi are participating. Also, the second episode of Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls, which lets kids redo each others’ rooms with the help of designers who have unlimited budgets, airs tonight on Discovery Kids and Saturday on NBC’s Discovery Kids (check local listings).
+ also: Ty dishes about Doug, Kia, Hildi, and Vern; says of Kia, “I’d rather not even talk about that,” and says that with Vern, Ty will “break things on purpose to see if [Vern’s] going to freak out.”