Top Model 8 begins production next week without story editors

Cycle eight of America’s Next Top Model begins production next week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a story about the ongoing dispute between the WGA and the IATSE about which union should represent reality TV story producers, the paper reports that “Contestants for a new show are set to begin reporting next week, a well-placed source said.”

The striking story producers, who ended their picketing and began looking for new jobs, will apparently not be replaced. The Hollywood Reporter says “it’s now likely production work will be restructured to avoid any immediate need for new hiring while an NLRB hearing decision is awaited, perhaps coming this month.”

As to the efforts to unionize the show, there has been “a turf war between the unions” (WGA and IATSE), and now “the Teamsters also have signaled an intent to sign up some employees on ‘Top Model,’ as the blue-collar union makes reality organizing a higher priority.”

A Teamsters organizer said that originally, “There was a sense that the reality genre was just a passing fancy. But the time has come, and it would be short-sighted of us not to pursue organizing these types of productions.”