Tontine Massacre movie preview live today, but it’s disappointing

The promised seven-minute preview of the Tontine mockumentary Tontine Massacre is live until midnight tonight on the film’s web site (watch it below), and while it has “mature content and graphic violence,” it really only delivers disappointment.

As much as I really love the idea of turning the failed reality series into a mockumentary, I think it worked better as a teaser trailer and web site then actual footage, so I hope there isn’t a real movie. The acting is Kill Reality-level atrotious, and the writing isn’t much better, either (“I heard something, and it’s no fuckin’ coconut”).

Also, the concept suffers; it’s not clear why contestants are filming themselves other than to give us a Blair Witch/Paranorma Activity-style footage. It’s also kind of boring, even with someone getting stabbed to death. The scariest part is that there actually might be a feature-length movie made up of content like this.


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