Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style returns with new co-host Gretta Monahan, a “real woman”

Somewhat surprisingly, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style returns tonight at 11 p.m. ET on Bravo. It’s surprising considering the show was pulled off the air during its first season last fall, and critics hated it.

As part of its own makeover, the makeover show has replaced Tim’s co-host Veronica Webb (she is pursuing other opportunities in the UK) with the woman who lost the job to Veronica for the show’s first season. In other words, she wasn’t good enough for season one, but she’s suddenly good enough now.

Gretta Monahan is “a real woman. She’s petite. She can empathize, and Veronica Webb is a supermodel. Gretta has her feet planted firmly on the ground. With Veronica, she was on a pedestal,” Tim told reporters during a conference call, according to the Boston Herald.

Monahan said the show “needed someone with a lot of experience, not just high fashion. This isn’t Alaia in Paris or the backstage in fashion week. It’s a normal person.” As such, she’ll modify makeover contestants’ clothes at the sewing machine, among other things.

By the way, Tim said Bravo hoped he and Gretta would clash and “have some conflict so we could play off each other and spice things up a bit,” but that didn’t happen. “We just couldn’t do it,” he said.