Producers want female co-host for Tim Gunn because he’s too “highbrow,” not “fun”

Bravo is searching for a female sidekick to co-host Tim Gunn’s forthcoming series Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.

The new show’s “producers have mounted a furious search for a female cohost,” Radar reports. According to a woman who auditioned for the job, they don’t think Tim can host the show by himself because he’s too smart and not exciting enough.

“A source who auditioned for the job was told that the show’s producers felt Gunn, who will offer up style and make-up advice to schlubby civilians, was a bit ‘too highbrow’ for viewers, and they needed a ‘more down-to-earth and fun’ female presence to balance him out,” Radar reports.

The show “was set to start taping [last] week,” according to Radar, so “the continuing search for Gunn’s go-to gal may delay the release date.” Bravo had no comment.